bacon, eggs, coffee, my beach & my yesterday

Had a hankering for a few things yesterday … mainly for fresh air and my lovely beach.

Which, by the way – whilst I’m explaining: I tend to call everything that is land, nature, the sea … MINE. Why?

a. Because I am Tanagta Whenua.

b. I am the land, nature, the sea.

So when I post my “My Backyard”, photos – this is what I’m referring too. Sometimes it is literally my backyard, in the pakeha sense of the word. Others times, I’m referring Aotearoa: My Land 😉

So in amongst the hankerings of yesterday, bacon, eggs and coffee, was on my agenda.

So we decided to mix it up, and combine all of my hankerings 🙂

Yep thats right, we packed up the gas burner in the back of the car, headed down to My beach and had a fry up 🙂

What better way to enjoy food? Can you think of a better view to enjoy all that deliciousness too?

Me neither 🙂


8 thoughts on “bacon, eggs, coffee, my beach & my yesterday

    • The beach here goes on for about 10 kilometres each way, so theres usually quite a few ‘quiet’ spots and we tend to head for those. It’s usually pretty crowded during the school and summer holidays; probably not like your kind of crowded though lol.
      And generally I won’t take photos of other people if I haven’t asked them 🙂

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