activism ~ #lestweforget – we aren’t superior

is it superiority.

i surmised

it was.

to believe, that we

have the right

to take life.


away altogether.

away to another place.

to believe that, somehow,

it be an ok thing,

to take another humans life

from them.

You see,

in any other circle,

whether it be


or an academy, of sorts;

to watch on,

being an active bystander,

to an act,

such as




t’would be

a crime.

#lestweforget how fucken revolting we can be when we forget that we are not superior to anyone else.



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4 thoughts on “activism ~ #lestweforget – we aren’t superior

  1. Jesus Christ. Cannot hit the LIKE button. Sorry. I hate this fucken world and everything it stands for. But one of my saving Grace’s, is that I believe in reincarnation. Those whitey fuckers, are coming back as the dudes they happily paraded around whilst they iced them! It’s juicy to know this!

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