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I lost all my accounts after two years of trying to juggle everything financial, not succeeding and ending up bankrupt. I don’t have any more bills. Money. Accounts.

But….With no bank account means no money. Our fabulous society decided in all its wisdom to only enable those with a bank account to be able to receive direct credits from Accident Compensation, go figure.

That established.

So how do you open a bank account if you can’t leave the house? You do it online? Yes, up until a point…then they want to SEE you.

So, this meant I had to talk on the phone, leave the house, leave my town, and interact with a stranger/s. Hard as fuck when you’ve reached the point of not interacting with anyone through any means of communication anymore.


This is how I did it….because I had too.

I went through all the ‘what ifs’, and ‘I don’t want toos’, took awhile, but I sifted it through

I breathed deeply when questioned about the ‘drama’ I was creating for ‘such a simple thing’

I breathed

I rang the bank and hung up

Paced and breathed

I rang back

I made the appointment

I confirmed what I needed

I breathed deeply in the days prior

I maintained myself hours prior

I breathed and paced

I got myself ready and papers organized

I didn’t take medication

I breathed through the car ride there

I listened to my music through the headphones

I got to the bank

I paced and breathed

I spoke to the bank person

I answered questions and produced appropriate papers

I asked appropriate questions

I maintained myself and my breathing when I got angry because it was taking too long

I finished

I breathed

I got back into the car, with headphones on, and breathed

I cried through car ride

I let myself cry

I reminded myself to remind myself what I had done good

I remembered to breath

I paid for the transport

I thanked the driver for the transport and support at the other end

I completed my mission

It was fucken hard

And I now have a fucken bank account

And I did it

Welcome me to the new world order


*Whats interesting about this is, in light of recent conversations regarding loss of income and pending homelessness. It’s a plight that can happen to anyone. Yes anyone. But is more likely to happen to those that are ill.

All it takes is the loss of an income and the house of cards comes tumbling down. To ‘get back’ into mainstream ‘life’ is ridiculously difficult because of the vicious circle that says … you can’t get an account without an income – no income, no house – no house, no address – no address, no income, no account – no account, no benefits – no benefits, no income, no insurance / medical assistance – No Money.

I’ve learnt to live on very little and I have a partner who pays for household expenses. I currently receive $35 a week (and have been waiting over 3 years for the re-assessment for this) and that pays for minimal medical costs and the internet. Both of which are life lines for me.

I am thoroughly pleased with the progress I’ve made. I do wish our ‘governance’ wouldn’t make it so hard to live.



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    Just realised its been nearly a whole year of blogging … and I’m pleased I started this journey (can’t find another less cheesy word to describe it lol) … this was from March 28 2015 … and i’m extremely fucking pleased with my progress!!! :) Yah ME!


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