the ‘f’ word

I’ve had conversations over the last few years on my use of the word ‘fuck’. General consensus is that I use it far too much. Even the most ‘open minded’ individuals seem to think I use it far too much.

Their opening sentence is always followed by a ‘reason’ why I should drop the ‘f’ word and take up more polite nouns and adjectives. Two of my favourite reasons have been… “profanity use stems from a lack of intelligence whereby its user resorts to some sort of linguistically primitive state”…that was a good ‘in…oh then there’s…”what kind of example are you setting for your children and grandchildren”.

Passive aggressive bullshit!

So now…when they say…

“you use the ‘f’ word far too much”

I say…

“thank you, I try”

from the 'fuck you' collection

from the ‘fuck you’ collection

First Published on: Jun 30, 2015 @ 22:37 😉 



12 thoughts on “the ‘f’ word

  1. When I managed to say Fuck! out loud I knew I was nearly fully recovered. Swearing has been my barometer of mental health for the last five years. I am finally thinking it reflexively and saying it often enough that I feel human.

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  2. [ Smiles ] Hey, it is your blog and you can use the “F” word as often as you like.

    No one in their right mind, is bold enough to tell me about the various types of languages that I choose to use on my blog!

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