Dear Mama

I need you to know that
I get it now
That the things
That have happened
Happened as they should have
That as a Mama
You do what you need too
Not always what you should

I get that you believed
With all your heart and soul
That you were doing the best
For me
And doing the best
For her
I get it now
More than I did before

And I love you for it

The things that hurt
The things that have been spoken
They are water
Under that bridge
Know that I am fine
That she is fine
That we are fine

And that you are loved

I get it Mama
I get you
And I love you


2 thoughts on “Dear Mama

  1. I heard someone say once as you grow you mature and all the things however Important they may be, will some day change, and in this case it was one for the better, and how beautiful is that really

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