happy birthday sister

i wondered why the air was thick.

why the feng was swaying.

why the breathe i inhaled, was heavy.

why the strength in my limbs, was wasted.


today, you turn 44.


it’s been 9 months since you left this plane.

and you are missed.

your babies miss you so so much.

and it’s their heavy hearts i can feel.


i want you to wrap your arms around them today.

sit with them.

listen to them.

they’re still grieving.


in a world so heavy with so many things,

they miss your reassurance.

please kiss them on the cheek.

let them know you are near.




i’m fine.

you are always my sister.

i missed you along time ago.

i let you go, along time ago.

and i still love you.

always have, always will.



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