Hey Wendy

Now, I know you remember Me.
The little girl
You despised.
The little girl you were jealous of,
Or so you said.
In the pathetic meeting
You called between my mother
And yours.
You said I was beautiful.
But that was not meant as a compliment.
You said it because;
You’re miserable
And tormented.
You tormented my already wretched existence.
Was it because you had bucked teeth?
Did that make you think you could belittle mine?
Was it your unfortunate looking family?
That made you think you could turn
Every decent friend I made
Into yours?
Was it because you were made
To wear poxy out of season clothes?
That you thought you had the right
To make my hand made clothes
The laughing stock of your churchy click?
Was it because you were fat?
That you thought you then had the right to criticise
My body?

What you didnt get,
Was my character
Didnt see all those things.
I enjoyed bike riding with you.
I enjoyed our picnics

So on and fucking so forth.

I enjoyed that shit.

But thankyou.

I know your type now.
I can smell your stench a mile away.
So i let you go of you and yours,

Be gone

First Published on: Jul 6, 2015 @ 18:30 ❤


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