hey sara

Remember me?

We were BFFs.


Someone like me;


with someone like you.

Such opposites.

You had everything

that a young girl should have.

I had,

well I had,


But we hung.

Camping, talking, giggling.

Until you groped me.

Not a-fucken-gain.


i knew what you wanted.

It’s what they always wanted.

I wanted a friend.


Just a friend.


A nice friend.


For fucks sakes.

So we were friends no more.

And I don’t know

if you ever ‘came out’.

But theres a smidgey part of me,

Thats hopes you are still

In your closet.

Surrounded by people

That won’t let you

come out.

And your suffocating,

In your forced


Thanks for

Sweet fuck all


First Published on: Jul 7, 2015 @ 19:06 <3


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