hey pastor fucker(s)

I get that you thought you were right

And I wasn’t

I get that you believed your bible

With reverent fervor

I get that I distilled your quiet peacefulness

And your calm demeanor

I get that I upset your meditative disposition

And your sensibilities

But you were required to act in kindness

As your bible says

You were required to lead

Not punish

You were required to tell all the story

Not part of it

You were required to be a shepherd

Not a slaughter-house master


I remember your phone call

I remember that you called me a whore

I remember the disgust in your tone

That I hadn’t abided by your ruling


But guess what?

You were not the law

Just a law unto yourself

I was not your wife

To be shamed and mistreated

You were in a position to help

Not hinder, or divide

You misrepresented

I get your only human

But I don’t think you got that


Screw you and your bible

I hope your wife left you

And you died alone

By yourself

With only your bible to keep you warm

First Published on: Jul 21, 2015 @ 01:24.


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