activism ~ john ballance who?

Whanganui: where the ‘H’ became a debacle.

Nevermind that there was always a ‘h’ sound in the name,

prior to colonisation.

And in this place, where the grandiose buildings stand;

as a reminder of what they could build:

our memories are of where our tipuna nurtured the whanau;

of where our Nannys taught their mokopuna to ‘mind the pakeha‘.


And speaking of pakeha.

Upon his throne,

outside of the council building,

sits the right honourable John Ballance.

The plaque reads:

“To commemorate nation builder and Wanganui citizen John Ballance,

premier of New Zealand (1891 – 1893)

also founder and editor of the ‘Wanganui Herald’ newspaper.

Born in county Antrim, Ireland, 27 March 1839, 

died in Wellington, New Zealand, 27 April 1893.”

But how inaccurate are the words of the pakeha,

that the Nannys warned off.

They did not build the nation:

They stole it.

You see, in our world,

John Ballance is infamously known as the racist twat who stated,

and I quote:

“The only good Maori

Is a dead Maori”

So what became of the right honourable twat

John Ballance?

If you make your way through

the open gates of the

Whanganui Cemetery,

You will find a rather large piece of stone,

where the Ballance is truly restored.

And on this plaque, its noted:

That Johnny was the PM;

where he was born and where he died.

And some other lame ramble

that I cut out of the photograph,

because I can.

And the moral of the story:

Even Racist Pricks Eventually Die Too.




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