i found it :)

Not being the typical blogger … I know nothing about stats, notifications … doing things ‘the right way’. I don’t blog to become famous, or for money (bahahaha), or because I actually know a lot ;)

I blog … because … ummm …

Ok, its cheaper and easier than going to counselling …

No really … I do it for very respectable cathartic shit (please go to the About Page for that … I can’t remember what it was … )

Any who – a fellow blogger was talking about the Map of where people come from, that come and visit your blog. Took Me a little while – but eureka! I found it :)

And the winner is: America?!

Wait – So no-one in New Zealand loves Me ? :(

Oh Well.

So this was my achievement of the day. I know right :)


4 thoughts on “i found it :)

    • ;) Most of the time its cos I don’t pay attention lol … and love ‘talking’ with people, but have never really noticed stats or things that are supposed to ‘make you popular’ lol … actually … it’s pretty much like that in real life too ;)


      • Question friend in the real world if there’s such a thing lol, how much talking do do, if only it were as easy as this where all the people we don’t like could go to the spam folder lol

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        • Hahaha … I do that! Literally … I ‘delete’ or Spam them. I have a very small handful of close friends and family members that I trust … and they are worth the world to Me. I’ve Spammed family, close friends, acquaintances … on and on. There comes a time you gotta do it! When they’re poison, they gots to go ;)


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