me; on de sade?

In Criminology we were taught to only look at the research…the facts…and how ever we regurgitate those is really beside the point … the point is that some smart ass will debunk a theory, add to a theory, maybe make up a new theory. They’re all theories at the end of the day.

In Criminology we did very little research about de Sade … even though the term sadist and sadism was derived from his name. You could probably Google him and find out more than what we ever did.

Just as well my inclination for crime and criminals didn’t just stem from studying Criminology. Long before then, I was fascinated with criminal weirdos. My reading material therefore covered serial murderers, rapists, pedophiles, sadists and the like. Some of it was fanciful … Hannibal and the like … some based on historic facts … Gilles de Rais for example.

That my fascination was borne out of my own fucked up tragedy doesn’t really matter. I wanted to understand everything that there was to know about any type of perversion, or perceived perversion, I could think of.

Criminology didn’t give me my answers…as I’ve talked about before…I think it actually gave me more questions. And until recently I haven’t really questioned the ‘content’ of what we learned.

Marquis de Sade for example. Although sadism was derived from his name, and it was understood this was because of his proclivity for sex and violence. Hence sadomasochism. But a bit of a more in-depth look into this dude … brought on by the recent film ‘Quills’ … it turns out that the church (catholic) had more to do with his labelling as both violent and perverted. Now days I don’t think de Sades thoughts or proclivities would even rate a 3.5 on the perversion scale … although, his bent towards pedophilia leaves a bit more to be researched.

Anywho … it interested me that a dude that was an obvious artist and author … a dude who obviously enjoyed the written word … could be misinterpreted so badly (…research lacking re: pedophilia…I may completely change my mind!!) … but then we have generations of peeps who have been misunderstood and slammed by churches and men who are threatened by free thought and action…all under the guise of being ‘morally’ correct.

Sooooo….what was my rant about???? Ah, de Sade … I think he may have been given a raw deal … and i shall research further …. but he may have made my list of free thinking spirits to be admired for breaking ground and losing his life because of it.

Rock on de Sade ;)


First Published on: Mar 29, 2016 @ 13:10 :)


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