Metiria Turei, Greens co-leader resigned last night.

Metiria Turei, the Green Party co-leader, resigned yesterday. There’s a long twisted witch hunt that preludes this; you can Google it. I won’t give it any air time.

This has been my response.

Yep, this is a long one. Yes its Metiria Turei related. Not Sorry.

Theres an extremely awkward sadness slash frustration in the air today. I can feel it in my puku and my chest. Think it’s actually grief, boarder lining on rage.
I haven’t weighed in on the Metiria Turei debacle and resignation … sometimes it takes a little while to process shit like this.
I watched her live interview the other day; where she had rapid fire questions thrown at her and she answered every one and named each reporter respectfully as she answered: and I thought “You Gangstah Gurl”. And while I’ve chosen not to vote this year, She has had my vote since the Maori Party and Labour fucked us up the ass. The reason for voting Green? Or for Metiria really … Simple.
She’s a strong brown woman. A strong brown woman who has experienced life – the chaos of life, not the tequila slammer by the poolside kind of life – and she brought that experience to politics, and didn’t lose who she was in the process.
Now that is extremely rare for any politician.
I don’t mean to disregard men or single fathers in the next part, but really I am lol and I won’t apologise for that. I am a woman, and have been a single mother on a benefit, so thats the reality i bring to my korero.
I think today, just quietly, all single mothers, that have struggled to make ends barely meet – have smiled at their kids and told them lunch is sorted, knowing dam well that it isn’t; have tried to figure out whats more important this week – power or school bus tickets; have starved while their kids are away with family, so they can pay for school uniforms and books; have sat up till 430am typing out bitch ass assignments to meet a deadline, knowing all the while their kids will be up soon, and you need to feed them on 4 weetbix, 1/2 cup of milk and 4 teaspoons of sugar and 2 apples, so they’re not hungry, till you get a fucking food grant to buy more food … after you’ve finished scrubbing some rich fuckwits toilets who may pay you an extra $20 under the table – and that’ll be dinner sorted … Yeah – All of them have quietly felt the choke of disempowerment as we’ve watched Metiria being circled by the media vultures and hoping she doesn’t have the life sucked out of her. Knowing that it’ll probably come down to a choice she shouldn’t have to make, but a choice single mothers make every single day.
But with her resignation came the collective grief of every activist, environmentalist, single mother, mothers, benefit recipients, working parents and tangata whenua. Because whether we like her or not, she represents everything that we are, are becoming, fighting for, striving to change and represent. And yet again, yes again, we watch as another strong brown woman has to chose between her career and protecting her family. She didn’t ass cover or protect her reputation but she still had to make a choice. And thats a kick in the fucking vulva we have all felt at one time or another.
And as every mother knows … protection of their babies, will win every time. Hands down.
I wonder though, what happens when all of the aforementioned disenfranchised pissed off souls, who had enough along time ago, have finally, collectively, all really had enough?
Is that the prelude to Revolution? History alludes to the fact that when you pull the proverbial rug out from under what is left of the already tired of fighting disenfranchised fucked off souls … Violent Change Occurs.
Just Saying.

The System Is A Vampire ~ Shapeshifter




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