one of ‘those’ days

The partner is away, which is usually my que to enjoy my space … and while I am, sort of, the road works twats have decided to finally do their upgrade on our street … Today! Yes today of all fucking days!

Why is this disturbing?

  1. It’s noisy … like real noisy. (my pts(d) and loud noise don’t mix)
  2. It’s vibrating the entire house. (my pts(d) and erratic movement don’t mix)

Personally I couldn’t give a fuck about upgrading our street. I like no footpaths. I like a tonne of unkempt edges (all the buunies play in it at night). I like sand everywhere.

These assholes (well the local council anyways) like taking their time about upgrading shit so they get paid more and they can increase the locals yearly rates. Not that this directly effects us at the moment … and yes I’m just whinging at this point.

Actual point is I want them to piss off … they’re messing with my feng shui and sensitive constitution!

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