Although Christmas Isn’t Really My Thing:

I’d like to take a little bitty moment to thank you all for your follow-ship (see what I did there;) ) over the past year (s) … I really do appreciate the shit out of every single one of yous!! … (except maybe that annoying little freak that comments but doesn’t hit the ‘like’ button … why? just, why??  …)

Seriously though: Have a safe and most righteous day From Me to You.

And for those that are a little stressed with family and shizz … heres some free advice for you all …

You’re Welcome <3

#meme is a photo of an ‘underwhelming’ specimen of a man (lol) lying under a christmas tree. The caption reads:

Gonna go lay under the Christmas tree to remind my friends and family that i am a gift.



6 thoughts on “Although Christmas Isn’t Really My Thing:

    • Aww … I hear yah … had my meltdown this morning .. .was supposed to be a minor and ended up being a major lol … but my limoncello is chilling and getting the shot glass ready!
      I hope you have a good day though … Enjoy that wine! Cheers to You xo


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