unfucking the dark.




Homai to Aroha


So, for now, I’ve decided to keep with my nighttime, dark thing. The darkness, for Me, is way less stress inducing; on the senses and just in general. I think I am a natural ‘night owl’. It’s the time of ‘day’ that my thoughts are clearer, I have more energy and generally feel more ‘at peace’ … I know right … typical.

At night it’s easier to find something that is my version of beautiful. Aside from the fact the darkness in and of itself, is My version of beautiful.

These are my fairy lights. I’ve photographed them before; not recently though.

I love these little buggars. They make Me smile every time I walk past them; or see them through the window when I’m outside … I find them soothing … they’re my version of ‘glitter and sparkles’ lol. They cover an entire archway and down one wall of our lounge / dining room.

What I find interesting, is in the daylight / daytime, they’re just a long black piece of wire with little bulbs on it. Switch off the daylight / daytime, and they’re a perfect beauty unto their own.


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12 thoughts on “unfucking the dark.

  1. I need some f those lights. I dont like total darkness inside the house
    I still will go for 2 am walk though and look t the day i will figure out how to photograph them

      • I have one. I just don’t know how to use it. Apparently I have had my new camera on portrait setting YAY!!!!!! Tonight I accidently pushed a button and everything looked yellow. Could not for the life of me fix it so we called it a day. Thankfully i got a few good pictures before that. Tomorrow i need to read the manual

        • Hahaha … read the manual or get your daughter to show you … these kids are bright when it comes to tech ;) <3

        • My eyes are too bad or I would. I pushed a button today and was like oh shit now what do I do. We couldn’t reset it so it will wait until I can google it tomorrow. APPARENTLY. There is a sunset setting. Would have been nice to know that yesterday before driving to the other coast for a sunset!!! But they still turned out fine

  2. Beautiful. I love my little fairy lights too, they don’t last long outside at our place though and that’s where I like them (the possums eat them…well, chew them up). The darkness is very comforting isn’t it, especially when there are those little points of light in it. It’s funny; I used to be afraid of the dark as a child, now I love it. My favorite calm-down of the moment is to go outside at night and just look at the stars.

    • Ahh so you understand :) … Yes I was petrified of the dark as a kid … of what was lurking in it … and somehow I reckon my eyes / body has adjusted to it and I absolutely love it … and thats exactly what I do too. Where we live there is hardly any light pollution so the stars are ultra bright at night … its my favourite time :)

      • Mine too. It was actually a line from a Terry Pratchett book that got me over being afraid of the dark; someone asks the main character (a witch) why she wasn’t afraid out here in the woods in the dark and she replies “I am the thing to be afraid of in the dark”. At that point I realized that I am the most powerful thing in my environment so I can afford to be kind.

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