unfucked? really?

What the?? Why is this the focus of mindfulness I hear someone somewhere asking …

This revolting little drink was left sitting on a side cabinet but my Millenial pre-mixed drinking daughter. At first it absolutely got on my nerves … I’m as fussy as fuck when it comes to my house and cleanliness … as I marched over to pick it, and its undrank contents, I had too smile.

You see, last evening I arranged a ‘girls’ night, My way. At my home at the beach … good food … good drink … good company … plenty of laughs and a shit load of talking. Aside from this filthy little excuse for an alcoholic beverage … all of the above was Most Excellent.

Not a twinge of anxiety; not a twinge of ‘I wish I had fucken cancelled’ LOL … I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

I’m beginning to realise that ‘My New Normal’ is going to take some work and some getting used too, but that it can be whatever, wherever, whenever I need it too be so that I can participate in and / or get what I need, on my terms.


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6 thoughts on “unfucked? really?

  1. So glad you enjoyed the night. I get the ‘I wish I had cancelled’ thing too, every day I don’t want to work, I don’t want to meet anyone I know, if I see someone I know when out I get nervous. If I make myself go (especially to work, that’s a necessity) I mostly have a good time, sometimes not, but I am very proud of myself for having the ba….fortitude to do it.

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