still unfucking thyself.

Also the ‘new normal’: however, this one I’m finding a little harder to embrace.

While being all social and shit is awesome and I absolutely loved hanging out with my girls with zero anxiety and zero ‘fuck this shit …’ …. I am now paying the price for that. I’ve shat out my insides about half a dozen times, my stomach is nauseous as fuck, my feng shui is spinning faster than my fan and I am flat on my back staring at the ceiling and trying to be all positive and mindful and shit about how it’s pristine and white …

“but the seams of the roofing aren’t in alignment with the light fixture … and who the fuck would do that … I bet it was a man that designed that shit … I’d definitely do minimalism a whole lot better … I wonder if I should study design instead of fucking Criminology … fuck it all … ”

Yeah, so thats Me.

Not exactly the ‘mindful’ I was after, but that is also the ‘new normal’ for Me.

I guess this ‘finding myself’ aka unfucking myself – and finding my new groove is going to be a little messy.

Worth it?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “still unfucking thyself.

  1. Isn’t that what finding yourself is? Becoming aware of the messy shit and eventually coming to terms with the fact that your inner seams are never going to align with the light fixture and that’s OK. I’m not really sure because most of my life has been about losing those parts of myself or at least painting over them so they aren’t so noticeable.

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