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Homai to Aroha


I’m not really sure the photograph does the ‘mindful moment’ justice. But there it is anyways …

I went to the beach again (Yuss! A ‘Win’ to Me today) … and it was peopley, even! It was so hot I pretty much didn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else … and even went for a swim in my undies LOL.

But as I was making like a beached whale, and not looking for any particular mindfulness moment, one smashed Me in the face in the form of a giant wave!

Now a couple things came to ‘mind’ …

I think this whole mindfulness routine is supposed to be a ‘being in the present’ – ‘appreciating the moment’ kinda thing … but what I did wonder in my moment, whilst gulping large amounts of salt water … was:

Who defined what past, present and future actually is?

Because it occurred to Me today, that in my ‘culture’, there really isn’t such a thing. It’s all fluid.

It just Is.

Emotions. Thoughts. Events. They’re All Right Here, Right Now, even if they were 10 years ago.

Which got Me onto the 2nd thing.

A few years ago a man I knew (he is a ‘healer’, in Our sense of the word), who has since passed, was talking about listening and learning from nature. That sitting in the rain will give you lessons in ‘feeling’ and being ‘present’, so to speak.

That sitting in Tangaroa (the Ocean), will give you lessons in breathing and ‘being present’, so to speak. Because if you’re not watching what Tangaroa is doing; how he’s changing and rolling … you Will definitely get smacked up the side of the head by an enormous wave, And you won’t be able to breath lol.

I Got That Today.

Tangaroa is a huge force that is continuously changing his ebbs and flows and currents: he’s predictable – but completely unpredictable.

Isn’t that exactly how Life is?


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20 thoughts on “unfucked today.

  1. “It just is” my husband says something similar “just let yourself be” , i think you and i are doing the same things but you may just explain it better or the healer did or your blog did.
    I just want to fly with the bird, move in and out with the waves, be one with the clouds. I want them and it to flow through me so i feel the connection. May it is less about the mind and more about the soul. Maybe i Should rename it soulfulness and the art of letting it all flow

    • Sounds like a good alternative name!
      I think this is where western theories get us a little fucked up actually … in our ‘culture’ (and I still haven’t mastered this, but it makes sense) there is no separation between the mind, body, soul and spirit. And out of all elements of Us, the mind is kinda considered the lowest piece. It’s our gut that holds our intuition and ‘knowing’ … the mind usually just gets in the way. <3

        • Lol … which is why, my guess is anyway, you should start looking at your indigenous roots … I think you may find your answers in there <3

        • <3 We were all indigenous once, and our ancestral roots are all quite similar … the way we did things back then was wholistic and nature based. We knew how to love and live as a community and 'whole' individuals. Even the Europeans were indigenous once, and lived as 'one' 'with' their surroundings xo

        • I would fit in there far better than I fit in here. I want to live on the land with the land. With only the smells of the sea and animals around me. I would be truly happy there

  2. Wow, what a deep, philosophical post. Yes, life is predictable and unpredictable like the ocean. We have this concept in our culture too (actually we stole it from the Greek culture); the saying ‘As above, so below’ means that patterns that are found in nature (including space) can also be found in ourselves. The helix shape is a classic example; it is the shape of galaxies, of our DNA and sybolises that our lives cycle endlessly.

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