thank the fems

feels like a



free the boobies




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10 thoughts on “thank the fems

  1. So last night i was getting out of the shower and my owl came to the backyard hooting and she brought her mate. My daughter yells at me mom you have to see the owl. So i wrap up in a towel and quick rush out there JUST in time to see the UPS man. I give him a quick wave. I’m sure to be killed later. But you know. Sometimes you have to go out to see your owl. She was under heavy attack by a group of crows and what was SOO interesting. Is that a pair of hawks came and tons of squirrels came and every animal was screeching and screaming as the crows attacked MY hawk! So i started screaming too. My daughter said it was really quite the sight of me screaming at crows in a towel in the backyard.
    This comes to you from my stream of consciousness mind from you saying you wouldn’t be wearing a bra…..

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