Taking a break from the mind fuck that is colonisation and was a bit of a slow process to process …

But in amongst the scars on the landscape ….

There are moments.

Moments when you remember that everything is as is should be. The colours are good. The smells are good. The sounds are good. Everything here is good :)

I found my bees. My beautiful little bees ;)

kpm ©


4 thoughts on “unfucked.

  1. Freaking love bees. Have been reading about them for days now. There are so many different kinds and each behave differently. Love to photograph them HATE to photograph them. So hard! They are so busy

    • Oh I don’t know … bees are another one of my ‘learning areas’ lol. We’ve been bee watching the past 2 years cos theres so few of them round here … this year we had more.
      But up the river there were masses of hives (manmade) … but I don’t know bout these furry critters … i didn’t think they made honey and did the hive thing??
      Solitary bees … I like it :)

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