ear plug update:

Yep, they semi-worked good.

Not as good as the drugs though.


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11 thoughts on “ear plug update:

  1. I am addicted truly to two things. My sound machine and my ear plugs. Without those two things….bad things happen

    • Oh I hear yah lol … I’ve just found some more ear plugs that look even better than what I have … they don’t absorb sound, they cancel it out … just gonna have to save a little money before I can get those beauties!

        • The ones I get are like 10 in a packet and $7 so they don’t last too long. I am so looking into the link. Thank you so much

        • Oh your welcome … I hoping I should be able to afford some in a couple of months … looks like they’d do what i need them too!! If you do get some before me let me know how they go!!! x

      • I have a floor fan, sound machine and ear plugs and I swear to you i hear my daughter turn over in her bed down the hall! It’s ridiculous

        • Yep, I’m exactly the same! I recycled my own ear phone / muffs things and they work well with music, but if I want silence, its nearly impossible … Yah for ear plugs ay!! ;)

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