Homai to Aroha



I don’t know if this is mindfulness or just contemplative shit or if both of those things are one and the same hah! … But its gonna be short, cos short is what I feel like today … and its about the ocean …

And dark, rainy days.

I’ve gone on about these before and feel like going on about them again. Because … they are 3 things that make Me feel good … not happy clappy good … but calm, peaceful, all is alright with the world kind of good.

Aside from the practicalities ie: the salt air; the cold air and the rain are all absent of over powering pollutant type smells. They’re like a wash for my senses … which is why i think i love them so much and am drawn to them.

The same thing happens in the dark. Theres an absence of smell and noise … it kind of lets my whole being breathe.


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2 thoughts on “unfucking.thyself.

    • Yeah that makes sense … for me, 3-4 weeks and I’m thinking a break in the rain would be nice lol … I like what it does to my senses and what I don’t have to do to calm the senses … it’s like a little holiday for the schnozz ;)

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