Homai to Aroha


Cos I haven’t been taking pics like I was … I’m nearly all tapped out on the fresh photograph front … so heres a re-use, and btw it’s my little icon thingy … and for those that thought it was a big white dot … it is: It’s called the Moon ;)

So this mindfulness thing hasn’t really got anything to do with the moon … but if you can find a deep spiritual connection between the 2, go for it ;)

Now, this is going to sound critical and judgey but oh well … it is whats on my mind at the moment …

Today … I’ve had a guts full of those well meaning self-help – advice bullshit bastards that are dishing out the navel gazing, westernised deep meditation advice and ‘how toos’ … like its a new thing! Like its their invention and that they came up with the shit in the first place.

Usually I can sift through and take what I need from all of this stuff, but I fell upon an article about chakras and realignment etc and part the way through reading it, I was thinking, this sounds familiar … aside from the eastern arts that ‘it’ came from …

I had a look through one of my old note books from a lady that teaches our RomiRomi …

And yes, lo and behold what do I find in there … the breathing, the balancing, the realigning of our ‘waters’ / or our energies.

It’s all ancient. It’s all what we were prior to being colonised and consumerised … and I aint just talking about the brown peeps … I’m talking all Indigenous. Because we all were once.

It annoys Me. Well today it annoys Me. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be able to roll with it again. And my point:

Acknowledge those that have gone before you …  the ancients and their wisdom … whether it be from your culture or someone elses. Acknowledge that … acknowledge them. Your fat head didn’t come up with that shit on your own. JS.


kpm © : ig @kpm-artist


4 thoughts on “te.unfucking.thyself.

  1. There is nothing new under the sun…or above it.
    Great point; our wisdom is not from individuals, it is the result of the work and growth of everybody who has come before us. I think all indigenous wisdom are very similar to each other, there may be different names given to things; like ‘waters’ for ‘energy’ or ‘chi’ but they mean the same thing, they recognise the same truths. Why do we argue so much about who has the right name?
    Your point about honoring those who come before us is also very relevant to my life right now. We have a new group of people in our community who are trying to ‘do good’ they have started a soup kitchen and are trying their best to get charity stuff happening. Which is all great, but they are stepping on the toes of groups and individuals here that already do that work. They are not honoring or even acknowledging those who came before them. Yes, they are a Christian group and yes, they have bought into the whole ‘those less fortunate’ look down your nose thing. Makes me mad at times.

    • Arrghhhh … Not the great white christian hope!! They’re the worst and no wonder that makes you mad! Hell that boils my blood! Its a hard thing to describe to peeps sometimes … but is an arrogance that isn’t helpful or honouring! And definitely doesn’t build a sense of community.

      As far as I’m concerned Indigenous isn’t a colour :) It’s our roots, and it seems that when we get in touch with them and acknowledge them, shit starts to make sense. :)

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