a. stat.

“1 in 3 women will experience some type of violence within their lifetime.”

Thats what they say … thrown out there like it’s some kind of justification – reason – okay-ness.

When you read that little stat does it make you wanna fuck up the world and put shit right?

Or does it make you go … ‘Oh dear … thats not cool’

Or does it make you find ‘reasons’ … ‘what did they do? must be in the wrong place? bet they are brown …’

‘a stat is a waste of fucking time if it just justifies’

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6 thoughts on “a. stat.

  1. This post made me willingly inclined to feel loads of emotions I never knew I had. Wow. This is truly impressive. I am in awe. Nice work. I hope you could also try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Cheers! 👏😊

  2. I don’t know. I have Mexican/Ojibwa sisters. You abuse them. You awake in the hospital. I taught my daughter how to defense themselves. My 105 daughter knock-out a boy tooth in high school for touching her butt. I believe we must teach our daughters. They are more than flesh and bone for men. I believe number lesson I taught my daughters. Never depend on a man. Make your own money. I believe Black, Native American and Latino women. They stand their ground. Us parent must teach our boys to respect women. They are our grandmothers, mother, sisters and daughters. A dangerous world my friend. Violence can come from anywhere.

    • Ohhh yes you are speaking my truth there my friend!! Thankyou for commenting … I love hearing this from my indigenous compadres.
      I love hearing that you are teaching your daughters these lessons now!

      These statistics come from Aotearoa / New Zealand and we (indigenous) are told we are the worst offenders and victims … But like yourself, I taught my daughters how to stand their ground, how to protect themselves … and we are teaching our boys (grandchildren) to have respect for women. xo

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