what if …

so …

what if it was the case, that i was never designed to have an intimate relationship, whereby another, loved me to much that i was their entire world; and all they wanted to do was care for, about … me. like a parental relationship should be, but less, cos that’d just be creepy. and in all actuality, i don’t really have any clue (other than the summations i’ve concluded upon, which btw, i believe are pretty gangstah) what a positive sort of parenting role looks like. most parents are huge fuck ups. think thats ok though, like theres a scale of fucked-up-ness: pedo parents – not cool … don’t let their kids watch tv parents – cool. so yeah … anyway … so what if i was never really really designed to have some kind of intimate relationship with another. what if, i was designed to be alone. not necessarily completely physically alone, but in the sense, that i’ll never share me with anyone else, physically, mentally or spiritually. and if anything, i’m just here to guide someone else to see their potential. and thats all its really all about. fucked up i know. but what if that whole pairing, relationship, ‘lets … stay together’ thing, is just a bunch of bullshit. see, i’m in fact wondering if any cunt can handle my jandal.

i don’t think so.

from pts(d) expression series #68 – Dec 26, 2016 @ 08:01