the reasons im here.

we don’t have a lot of contact with moko #8. and today we found out her leg was broken whilst in the care of her daycare.



there should be some very simple but very important things happening now.

  • her day to day care, whilst in a cast, post surgery, should be a given.
  • the details that were missed when we were first told, should have been filled in by now. we have offered our assistance.
  • the daycare that she was in should be asked, ‘WTF happened?’

but so far the partner has been told he’s lucky to have been told at all. that moko is ‘fine’. that we weren’t going to be told because we’d ‘tell on the daycare’ and get them in trouble.



yep thats a mother fucking long ass pause.


i’m am trying my damn-dest to breath and gather my shit.

in all ways this is layer upon layer of absolute bullshit.

add to that the deafening silence and retreat into ‘i don’t want to talk about it’ territory everyones going too.


all this, once again, smells awfully familiar.

this is how abuse within a familial system, thrives.

its left unchecked.

adults cover other adults asses.

and in the meantime, they all forget about the little person who could not protect her self and can’t speak for herself now.

ohhhh the fuckery.


there aint no way i’m letting this shit slide. at all.


and here i am again though, speaking and acting for those who can’t … which i don’t mind. what i do mind is the fucking ignorance and downright complacency and lack of mother fucking care there is going on around me.

and yep, its a-fucking-with-the-pts(d) big fucking time.

nan always said, when it rains it pours. just as well i don’t mind the fucking rain.



3 thoughts on “the reasons im here.

  1. So sorry to hear all that has happened to your moko. There should be some serious questions asked of the daycare. Speaking as a teacher (Australian though) we have to give the parents immediate notice and explanation if a child is hurt at school, which does happen from time to time. We are the parent stand in when kids are at school…and therefore responsible for them.

    • Thank you … and I hear yah … I believe the rues are similar here too. We’re still trying to find out what exactly happened, and from what we’ve been told someone should be held liable, of that much I am sure. It’ll be me or my daughter that will end up doing the reporting which is fine … as far as i’m concerned it’s been too long already, it should have been reported on the day it happened.

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