dreaming: old friends

i’ve had lots of really vivid dreams over the last week or so. lots about my sister.

the other night i dreamt about an old friend of mine. her, her family and her old house.

they’re a pretty wealthy lot.

in my dream i saw her parents big old house, with the 10 odd rooms. each room huge and palatial.

her parents were asleep in seperate bedrooms. sick. and tired.

my friend was organising the household.

everything was ultra quiet. and cold.

when i woke up, it occurred to me, that all that money; all that hard work, produced nothing but distance, sickness, tiredness and resentment.

and a really large house for everyone to live separately in and ignore each other.

i wondered what the actual point of all that was. all that money and no love.

kpm ©


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