this happened:

one big ass earth quake.

i don’t like earthquakes.

no, not at all.

and the partner … strolls around the house after the shaking stops. then looks at me, serious as, and says:

‘so, do you want pizza for dinner’


i’m still shaking and feel like vomiting and he wants to eat!

couldn’t go and get pizza so cooks himself a feed …


gave me a laugh though, and lightened the panic attack. on a positive note : i didn’t freak out to bad like the last lot of earthquakes we had … those cunts had me in a state of pts(d) shock for months!

but hoping they don’t make a return to soon … i’m still gathering up my feng shui!

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6 thoughts on “this happened:

  1. I’ve always told myself I’d put up with snowy Canadian winters (with only a little bit of complaining :/ ) and be eternally grateful because (at least where I live) we do not have to experience any of the following–tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes–not to mention the lack of poisonous spider and snakes!
    I’m glad you’re doing okay. xx

  2. We had a few when I lived in Alaska. They were usually lower magnitude, under 5.5, but the fault was shallow and Anchorage sat in a bowl of clay and glacial silt so it shook like a bowl of gelatin. I remember my first quake. I was thinking, whoa, that was a powerful fart! I had no idea what was going on so naturally I took credit. 😏

    • naturally ! as would i lol.

      a bowl of gelatine doesn’t sound to bad … this was more like what i imagined sitting on a piece of rubicks cube whilst its being shifted, would feel like … hmmm. and i’ve only just figured out that cos we’re on sand, the jolting movements are sort of absorbed and apparently feel loads different everywhere else!

      my daughter is like 40minutes away form us and they were in the car at the lights and she’s yelling at the car behind her to stop hitting her bumper cos she’s got kids in the car! then she realised it was an earthquake … farrrkkk that!

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