argh, christmas …

i’m more in tune with the grinch than that fat white dude that apparently comes down the chimney to eat your cookies & leave gifts … okay, so if that’s not creepy then i’m not sure what is right!!!

anyway, FB, town, friends houses … are all getting lit with the ‘christmas spirit’ apparently, cos its fucking christmas & this is the time to be all festive & expensive & good vibey & shit …

but i aint doing it this year … @ all.

i announced to the girls i’m not ‘doing christmas’ this year, as set out on the gregorian bullshit calendar. it’s not christs birthday, so what are we celebrating?

this year it’s officially become a celebration of ‘december day’: a day when the mokos papa gets a day off’ve the working bullshit. *insert eyeball roll* it’s some fucked up shit all right.

i’ll leave the rest of my christmas sentiments, right here:

its not my meme. but i like it. wish i had’a thought of it.

oh well …

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2 thoughts on “argh, christmas …

  1. Oh YES!!! With you there all the way! This year the family (partner and 2 kids) decided to stay home on Xmas day…I am close to tears. Every year that day is special to me because it’s the only day of the year I get to do exactly what I want to do, without any demands, without any work, without anyone hanging around, without the risk of visitors. I can howl at the moon (or sun, depending on the day), be sad or happy, feel exactly what I want to feel without worry of how it effects others. Now they want to stay home with me, and expect me to be all happy and get involved with games and stuff. It’s just not my thing!! Why is it such a big deal?

    • oh hell!! i remember you telling me bout your christmas last christmas & why you did what you needed to do on that day … it was freaking inspirational for me!!! its part of the reason i’ve tweaked christmas (& all other ‘celebratory events’) slightly.
      i hear yah & completely get it … maybe you might need a hui (meeting) & let them know if they’re gonna be in your space then there’s certain rules that go with that – your rules ;) & no games is one lol … freaking games! what’s with it grr mine lot want to play games this year too quoting “its for the children” hmmmmm

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