parihaka. the peaceful protest.

we are told that there is solidarity


and strength

in employing

a peaceful protest stance

a passive resistance stance

a standing united




Let me tell you about a great protest

of peaceful resistance

of strength and solidarity.

the feathers that they wore

the sweat of their brow

the unwavering focus

that they used.

let me tell you of the multitudes

of peoples;

of women

of children

who defended


without malice

without violence.


let me tell you of the pillage

that was behest upon them

because of that peaceful



and the apology

that followed

nigh 150 years later.

the minimal apology

doused with arrogance

and flounce

backed up

with a cool few million.

Parihaka will forever be a stand for what is right

followed by the screams of loss.

kpm ©





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