i enjoy



and art.

i’m socially


but looking


a partner

in crime …


wrong site, my bad.



20 thoughts on “hi

  1. Sure enough, years ago, many many years ago when the water went down in the lake all of these canoes were found that were wooden native canoes and I tried to contact Native American organizations but no one took me seriously. And my brother just pulled the boat up and let it dry out and rot and it had been preserved underwater. It was very thin and long with pointy ends. Another neighbor found one and hung it on his wall. I felt it was a complete disrespect to those who lived there. And that it should be preserved and that no one should be using boats or skiing on the lake anymore.
    When I was a little girl I would swim out in the lake at night and I would then come home and have dreams that I would be swimming with dolphins there and that a golden butterfly filled light would go from the moon directly to me. It was the most magical place which no one ever understood because it was full of evil and abuse and cover ups and lies but the water restored and healed me.
    My brother sold the house and I went back there to say goodbye to the lake and saw all of the abusers on the lake. I wrote a post about it called pedophile priveledge one and then 2. And I stood in the water for the last time.
    It is the last time I thought I would ever see or feel the water but then my dream…..
    Ok if this is the wrong person you can chalk me up to a very odd person, which I know I am not like normal people and never have shared this with anyone but the one native american friend I had after i had a dream in an ancient cherokee dialect. So…yeah…sorry if this is the wrong person but i had to share it right away. It is kind of how I work. I dream it and I must share it and write it out. It was a promise I made as a 7 year old girl in the woods while talking to a deer. I know….just…..IDK. Ok I will move along now.

    • <3 So this was your dream?

      Sounds like you did the right thing, contacting Indigenous Orgs, you can't do much else if theres no response I suppose. Except respect the space, which you did by the sounds <3

      • I fell back asleep. There was more to the dream….So i go back to this place and he tells me that to be with the man i want i must be cleansed in the special water. It feel like warm syrup and it feels like it cleanses me from the inside out. As if it flows through my body in and out of my skin. In and out of my heart and soul and the water was so thick but as I was cleansed it felt easier to swim through. Only after he cleaned me can i meet with the man who waits for me. Also in the water. Everything must be of the water in the water. I fly through the water cleansed of everything and the water becomes thinner and I become stronger. My legs are very strong and brown and muscular as I push off the bottom of the lake and power through the water. I barely touch the man’s hand i am supposed to be paired with and I wake up. And everyone is singing around me. They are watching. They said we will go to this ancient place like an island in the middle of the water and we may not be the right fit. A woman tells me that it may seem perfect but we won’t now until we get there and i touch his hand and chills go all through my body and i wake up

        Oh and before that he said we only smell because of what we put in our bodies and he only let me eat this flower/star shaped fruit for a week before I was able to meet the man.
        This space was sacred. I was shown that the place that was surrounded by abuse and bad men was once a beautiful sanctuary of sacred waters. I was told to contact the tribe that lived there and let them know of what was found there. So I woke up and I sent an email to the tribe that was living there supposedly at the time. After I sent the email a hawk flew down outside of my bedroom window. She just stared at me. Never has this happened before. It was quite a beautiful experience.
        I recorded the song they sang to me and sung it for my husbands. He said he had chills over the entire thing.
        But this is me! I just wanted to share it with you

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