“nz is racist AF.”

so says our bro taika waititi.

so, this happened today.

headline: forty-nine dead in mosque mass shooting.

& let the blame games begin.

am i surprised this has happened in clean green new zealand?

fuck No.

& this is all i had to say about that:

“yep ill say it:

this is exactly what NZ is. there is a part of the population that is awake, aware & not racist AF … but the time for letting the other part of the population, that are as racist AF, get away with their racist little snide remarks & their openly cowardice actions … yeah that time was way the fuck over years ago. this is not the first time this soil has seen a ‘culture’ decimated by white men. & today is a wake up call. 

this is not about religion or even politics IMO. its about the notion of superiority. in this case, white superiority. which we all know is some bullshit.

y’all need to get your ‘culture’ in check.”

kpm ©


8 thoughts on ““nz is racist AF.”

  1. The world is falling into madness. Last year 90,000 plus Christians murdered. Places like Iraq, erased 1,5 million Christians since 2003. If Middle east Muslim’s keep killing. Mistruth and hate will rise. Some place, women hide their faces and cannot walk outside alone, no education and marry at 12 years old. Muslim are killing Muslims. I live in Detroit. Christian Iraq woman, co-worker quit job. Her abuser are living here now. Scare to go to work. What happen in New Zealand is wrong. But we must find a way. Middle East Muslims must stop killing each other and the Christians and the world(White, black and brown) must not lead with fear and hate. Africa is 90 per cent Muslim. They try to control. My friend, the world fell backward. Women rights fell back 50 years with Trump and being free to worship, becoming more dangerous. This is wrong. Old saying. Hate is easy, love is harder. I pray for better days. I am Ojibwa, I believe. All life is important. One earth and one people.

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