yup, had to have my say:

twas World Suicide Prevention Day on Tuesday, 10 September 2019 🙄. 

here’s a typical ‘me-take’ on the ‘situation’ : you cant ‘prevent’ suicide. period.

having a friendly little chat isn’t going to change a decision that has taken more than a moment to get too.

suicide isn’t an ‘alternative’ option. its, the option that comes after you’ve tried a tonne of other options. its what you ‘get’ too. 

‘eww how do you know you know-it-all-cunt’ 🙄 my perspective / opinion is weighted in my 40 something year struggle with undiagnosed pts(d). you know some cunts top themselves after a few years of that shit? & dont feel sorry for this twot or get me wrong, i dont blame them, at all & im not interested in sympathies. its just an fyi, that suicide is an option. sometimes the only option. the only CHOICE you get left with that is fully in your hands.
the time of ‘helping’ someone is waaaay before the actual event.

1. listen. listen to everybody without mouthing off out of your own insecurities first.
2. listen.
3. listen & ask what they need.
4. listen. assess whether you can assist or whether you can provide resources or a phone call or a smile … whatever. LISTEN.
& finally … before you judge how someone is living, just know that there is a story behind how they got there. 



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