today is angel baby day:

well, thats what i call it anyways.

not to cultural misappropriate & all, but this is a remembrance day that i completely dig. not that i dont remember them any other day; its just nice to have an ‘occasion’ where they are celebrated on purpose.

as ‘maori’, our dead are never far from us anyways. i’ve learnt over the years that to seperate them into the ‘them’ & ‘other’ category is cold & pretty much denying part of yourself.

my dead are with me all the time.

my angel babies are always with me.

today i would’ve lit a candle for them … but i packed them all away lol.

*love yous little ones, you’ve never been forgotten*

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8 thoughts on “today is angel baby day:

  1. Maori is a beautiful culture. I met many when I was in New Zealand.
    The babies are never forgotten. Since you packed your candles, I’ll light one for you and let it burn this evening. :-) Be gentle with yourself on this day of remembrance.

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