randoms :

thoughts that is.

its been nearly a week since i’ve taken up residence in my new whare. & holy shiet .. its what expected & what i didn’t expect.

for example:

i’m currently sitting in my favourite chair, staring out the window / sliding door, & i can see the sun setting. i can see the clouds moving across the sky & i can hear the roar of the waves & tawhirimatea (wind god) blowing around the house. the house is light .. by sight & by ‘feel’ .. its .. beautiful.

& i can smell, nothing. no damp. no mould. no dust. nothing.

my senses are freaking out (goodly) @ nothing. its kind of hard to explain. but every now & then it feels way overwhelming, but in a good way. & that just doesnt make a bit of sense to me lol.

i’m taking it in. enjoying. mellowing.

every now and then i can feel anxiety reaching for my toes, my legs, my chest .. & then it dissipates. i like that.

whats strangest of all sensations .. is i feel safe here. safer than i think i have ever felt in my entire life. & i know thats not just the environment.

its me.


i’m changing.

& i like it.

kpm ©


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