yet another dream ..

the other night i dreamt about a river. clean & clear. 2 rivers actually.

flowing through my house. i could see them through glass floors.

& as i looked at them i thought, fuck they’re clear & clean ..

i should get my camera.

then i just stood there thinking .. i’ll have to go upstairs, find the new batteries, change the batteries & then come back down to take the photo/s. the river could have changed by then. ? .

then the next thought was : is it more important to get a photo or just view it & enjoy it. here & now.


i woke up feeling anxious.

anxious that i’d made the wrong choice.

that i had missed some mind blowing photo op OR missed something that nature herself wanted me to see.


& thats me.


continuously anxious that i’m doing the wrong thing.


what the actual fuck.


choices & change. they seem to go hand in hand.

kpm ©


6 thoughts on “yet another dream ..

  1. In my dream interpretations, the house is always me; old, broken down houses mean I am deppressed or getting sick, unknown rooms mean I have undiscovered talents, etc. Water usually means time to me, it flows and changes.
    Maybe you have the same associations, but probably you have your own. Dreams tell us deep truths about our inner world.

    • yes, they do ay .. thankyou for that.
      i have regular occurring dreams that make sense (sometimes lol) and then theres ones like this that aren’t really familiar .. maybe a different space in my life? learning .. not sure.
      water, well the river, for us (family) is a connection to where we are from, i know that much. & tends to be about flow & change too. i dont dream about it much but i think thats cos my dreams have usually been nightmares lol but, thats changing <3

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