me, pondering ..

would my opinion be more valid if i had a penis.

would my relevance in a conversation, be taken seriously, if i was not perceived as ‘damaged’.

would my life, in all its beauty, & despair, be hummed, not hahhed, if i was seen as a whole person.

would my triumphs not be noted in a condescending fashion & as part as the bid to do better, if i was white.

would my touch on your hand, be a sign that i accept you, if you did not see me wholly as nothing more than a whore.

and would my laughter not be taken as an insult, if you knew exactly who i was.

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4 thoughts on “me, pondering ..

  1. now why would a dude be interested in a woman with a penis??? I personally don’t think that a good number of women don’t fully appreciate the actual power that they have cuz most men are essentially stupid and would bend over backwards for a vagina versus a penis.

    but I suppose that’s sexist

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