for everyone thats tuned in regularly for my pts(d) rants: none of the following will come as a surprise. 

the rest .. hmmmm.

for more years than i care to recollect, i have been explaining myself. well, explaining my ‘disorder’ anyways. 

as have peeps like me.

we’ve had to explain to family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, assistants, workers, businesses we interact with, health workers … the list is too tedious to enshrine here. but needless to say, its a fucking substantial one.

there have been reports compiled, long hours in waiting rooms and ‘health care specialists’ offices .. explaining if not near begging, for assistance, understanding, meaning, clarification …

& then, overnight & just like that .. everyone on planet earth finally gets what it means to give consent & not give consent, non-consensual touching, what a safe space looks & feels like, what is appropriate & in-appropriate boundaries .. 

its a fucking shame that its taken an apocalypse & near worldwide lockdown to understand what is a basic fundamental right of every person .. every child .. every womXn .. every mXn  .. every person & thing that is dependent on another for protection.


kpm ©


4 thoughts on “#andjustlikethat

    • i cant believe it either .. but in some ways it seems completely believeable!!! humans are abit dumb ass like that it would seem ..

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