yo ..

i see you.


first & foremost, this is not for victims nor survivors.


it’s not for those that can relate. it’s not a lesson in what to avoid and what should be done.

it’s not tears. it’s not rage.

it’s not for those wanting to know why. or for those that want to ‘just understand’.


this is for the infant, the toddler, the new entrant, the pre period, pre voice breaking child who will get fucked with today.

who will get fucked.

and no one will notice. Noone will say a word. Noone will do anything.

it’s for the forgotten child, the one that has repeatedly begged for it to stop, so many times they’ve given up. it’s for the child that probably won’t make it past 15. who wonders, is this all I am good for .. all my existence is about. who will go to school (but not today) and get reprimanded for a spelling error when all the can smell is rotten cum seeping out of their assholes.

this is for that child, that probably will never get to read this, and will still get fucked anyway & who will probably kill themselves before they get a chance to escape. the child who is so numb they can’t feel anything anymore.


this is for you.


and then it’s for the fuckwits who surround you and still stay fucking silent and incapacitated .. apathetic and docile.

it’s for the lame ass, couldn’t & didn’t do it, intervener. 

because you cunts are part of the poison.


& lastly, this is for the fuck face kiddyfuckers of this world, that fuck with children. because you cunts come in all shapes and sizes. you’re not all famous & belong to little rings & conspiracy theories. you’re everyday, mundane, boring little fucks whose dicks dont get hard unless your prey is small & helpless.


i see you too.


& you’ll keep cunts.

your day is coming.



kpm ©


*April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month*


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