dreaming …

had a dream last night .. & like a tonne of us, sleep is abit of a ratchet buzz atm .. 

not sure why im sharing this here, but any who ..

its a remake of a recurring dream a use to have, but the other was usually in a different setting & involved my kids. it always left me with a wtf & slightly exhausted sensation.


it started in an old 2 bedroom flat i used to live in. there was me, ex, his kids, & a few other randoms. all in there, squashed af but living their best lives lol .. & by that, i mean they were blissfully unaware of their surroundings.


our surroundings, in a certain light, were what i deem disgusting.

the roof was mouldy, on top of that were a tonne of cobwebs. the walls were dripping with mould and water. there was rubbish everywhere & it had been moved into ‘piles’ randomly. the toilet had been blocked & their was literal shit all over the place but it had been unblocked but not cleaned up.


after moving around the rooms i felt overwhelmed about cleaning it all up, cos it was too big. also it was near impossible to clean around everyone.


then we were all in a new house. 3 story mansion type gig. beautiful big windows and plenty of space.

but the junk and filth just relocated. so the same feeling of being the only person in the house to actually see what sort of state it was in, was frustrating, boarder lining on fury.


i said my piece .. finally.


‘this shit is filthy .. we need to clean it up, get rid of the junk & reorganise the spaces so we can all cohabitate together’.


and no shit .. in my dream .. i was told i was being negative & there was absolutely nothing wrong with our surroundings.


i woke up frustrated af. 


sooooo . . . i note this is exactly what it feels like watching the world implode atm.



kpm ©


4 thoughts on “dreaming …

  1. Yes, I know that level of frustration too; when I say my piece and I hear “but what about the economy? We can’t survive without that” or “I see you ordering the vegetarian option, so I order more meat to make up for it” or any number of other frustrating shit. If people would just look t what they are doing (we are doing), they would see the mess… and maybe decide to clean it up.

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