just some thoughts ..

It’s strange times atm.

What I’m noticing is the reluctance for reality.


Had a convo that led to the topic of sexual assault and I made an offer for this person to peruse the evidence I had given for the ACC review. So that could see for themselves the reality that is, me.

I was accused of trying to traumatise them.


So .. this brings up a tonne of questions for me.

One – why is it so hard to discuss the facts of an ordeal such as sexual assault? What doesn’t the world want to hear? Or an individual? Why are they so hell bent on believing lies rather than seeking truth?

I get it’s strange times, but this depth of denial is not new.

It’s what keeps children being repeatedly offended against.

Also how is speaking truth about someone else’s truth traumatising to another?

I’m beginning to believe the world is full of pussies.




4 thoughts on “just some thoughts ..

  1. Maybe when other people hear about trauma such as yours it challenges a world view. It is comforting to think that abuse doesn’t happen often and is maybe ‘not as bad’ as the victim says. Keep challenging, it builds tolerance for reality.

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