affirmative action ~ nas

affirmative action ~ nas, 1993

10 thoughts on “affirmative action ~ nas

        • Thankyou and Definitely! I have pointed out that this is possibly the most ‘romantic’ type of music (aside from the obvious ‘Solo’ numbers and the like) that suits me … this or Mo Murda – Bone Thugs LOL

        • LOL yes hes beginning to see it that way!! He’s a reggae lover … so have been trying to find something that is a nice in -between but haven’t been successful … and I like the ‘minor key’ sound … so may just roll with Nasty Nas me thinks :)

        • That’s a tough one…wedding song with rap/reggae…somewhere in between Affirmative Action and say, Stir It Up…lol…If I think of anything, I’ll be sure to let you know!

        • LOL and thats the story of our lives! We are somewhere between ‘stir it up’ – ‘is this love’ – ‘could you be loved’ AND affirmative action / saadiq and a possible pharaohe monch lol … may end up leaning towards ‘groove theory’ or ‘fugees’ as a collective compromise :) …. and thank you! any musical input would be appreciated :)

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