dead peeps ..

‘what? yous don’t talk to your dead people?’ is my new come back.
after a colonised lifetime of fighting to look “normal” re talking to the dead 🙄 this year I decided, fuck it, imma just listen & try & go with it.
so, this will be the first intentional setting of #matariki I have observed. what that meant for our tipuna probs looks way diff than my take on it, but with much debate & negotiation 🙄🤣 it’s ending up as a crossover of #poroporoaki meets #diadelosmuertos with a #hakari to twist it out .. I know, I know 🤣 negotiations included me highlighting to said dead peeps, that I am but one peep & resources & kai are limited atm, so no, your bonoffee pie is gonna have to make nek years menu geez lol & that yes, I hadn’t got my ass into gear & printed off the photos I was going too 🙄 but really, what is a photo but a memory ay 👀🤣 & they agreed, finally 😊
so this is all about honouring my peeps, making sure they are remembered, their stories (whether they be slightly stretched or not .. ) be told. that they know they are loved & missed. that I can shed a tear but smile at the same time.
cos at the end of the day, they are why I’m here right .. & yes, you are welcome 😊 🖤
#thebusiness 🖤😘

kpm © : ig @kpm-artist


2 thoughts on “dead peeps ..

  1. Beautiful. It is Samhain (Sow-ain) for me too; the time when we speak to our dead and invite them to the table. I have a few dead to visit with this year, and a few that will not be invited too. Is it the time of year that brings us to speak to them? with the cold creeping in to remind us we can not live forever and if we want to be remembered we have to pay our dues to the dead gone before us.
    It is very cool that your culture and mine meet on yet another point!

    • wow!! yes! i love hearing about your culture! love it cos there are so many that are devoid of theirs & have no idea of where they’ve come from & how beautiful it is!!
      & im not sure .. due to colonisation (again) we didn’t learn a lot of this stuff growing up as we should have. but theres certain things that i think are just in my DNA & ive practiced things without really knowing why, and this is one of them.
      as i’ve started learning more i found out that with the setting of matariki & te waka o ranginui (made up from paledies upward .. the horns of taurus & the orion), gathers our dead throughout the year and then sets at this time. its pretty much non visible for approx a month & then reappears with a certain star on the eastern horizon (still learning that bit) around march. the dead are gathered and ushered to the underworld / dispersed as stars.
      i love that there is a time that i can concentrate on just them .. & yes, forget those i need too.
      & it has seriously reminded me that no, we dont live forever .. that i’ll end up there too, looking down on my moko & i hope they’ll remember me.

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