the perks of ..

think i’ve said it before, but this whole covid lockdown business, has given me opportunities to do / be at certain things that i didn’t think were ever going to be possible.


its a no go for me atm .. kinda above my pay grade for now.

but during this whole pandemic i’ve managed to make 3 seperate ‘concerts’ that i otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend.

the first was an erykah badu concert .. fuck me, what a kick that was!!!

the second was an erykah vs jill scott ‘concert’ type thing on IG. it was like 3 hours of all their music and singing and reminicing & it was fucken cool!!!

thats me in the middle .. just hanging out and shit LOL.

the 3rd attendance, was a Smart Funny & Black comedy show thing. if you follow amanda seales on IG at all, then you’ll know about this beautiful creation.

its something i’d absolutely love to go to but knew i wouldn’t be able to .. & then …

thats right, they did one online!

yes i bought a ticket and yes i ‘went’ and yes i laughed my ass off for hours!!!!!!!!

& its not just the attendance thing really .. for me, all these things were so fucking healing & liberating & normalising & empowering .. they’ve completely changed the game for me .. its part of whats flipping the shit atm.

its a beautiful beautiful thing.



12 thoughts on “the perks of ..

    • been wondering the same .. i know its given me a different sense of self if that makes sense .. that how i ever i want to do something or be something, its all freaking fantantastic and A Ok!
      whats also interesting for me, is that now i’ve done / attended these things, im not really interested in doing them again. i have no pining for doing it differently or ‘properly’ which has made me rethink what i had been really wanting or thought i was missing in the first place!
      long winded sorry .. but its a weird but cool turn of events.

      • A very cool turn of events. I have sometimes had the same thoughts; when I achieve a goal then wonder why I wanted it in the first place, not in a “Why did I ever do that?” sort of way, but in a “Did that, now it’s lost it’s shine” kind of way. Maybe that’s not exactly what you mean’t?

        • yeah it is sort of .. i think cos its been so long (like a decade i think lol) of thinking ‘oh i cant do that’ so i’ll rethink it and rework it so i dont feel like a complete retard or feel like im missing out .. or resign myself to the fact that im not going to get there etc .. but this seems to have reframed that. reworking and redesigning shit is fucking hard work LOL .. i think ive managed to figure out if its a real thing i want in like 3 minutes flat now and then not dwell on it. if its super important it goes on the list .. if its not .. then flag it as a lovely thought and move the fuck on LOL.
          mate , deserve a medal for serving thus long i reckon lol

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