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‘& where u been for the last decade ..’
ewwwww, bitch please.
judge not lest u wana be motherfuckin judged_ith yoself.

*edit :

To expand ..
A recent conversation with an ‘out of touch friend’, had bold yet stenchy lil undertones .. fragrance was, fear with a large dolop of judgement.
I understood the fear.
But dude.
I been doing my work.
I been doing my healing.
& I don’t owe you shit.
If you’d wanted to know you would’ve asked, years ago.
But you weren’t interested then and youre not interested now.
You just want me to make you feel better about yo’self.
Guess what?
It don’t work that way!


we could write a thesis on this shit .. but it tiring af.




4 thoughts on “.. .. ..

    • yeah im abit the same .. the friendships that i do have & they’re not many lol .. are relationships based on zero obligations. & i reckon you hit it on the head .. i know for me its exactly why i dont do obligations .. or unwritten rules.. or socially acceptable BS .. if it hasn’t been discussed, & agreed too by all parties then i am a No Go buddy lol

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