the ol TW ..

& here’s why.
there are no prior warnings to being sexually assaulted as a child.
so it is with the same grace that is shown them, that I afford a nil TW with regards to CSA.
we’ve become another gen & legacy that closes our eyes & ears to anything that makes us uncomfortable. & when we tooooo uncomfortable, we blame the info or the messenger of said info, for that discomfort, instead of examining the reasons of & for the info.
them days are tired.
for a fuller extensive version of the one & only TW I’ve ever given, go to the link in the bio.



4 thoughts on “the ol TW ..

  1. One of my triggers is stories about animal cruelty; they make me cringe and cry and wail and rage and hide from my inner monsters. I wouldn’t dream of asking for them to be removed from conversation, social media, whatever though. These stories, and my reaction to them, proves to me that I am still human, still feeling, still authentic and not just going through the motions because I think that’s what is expected of me. Being moved by the plight of another is a good thing, being actually triggered (there is a difference, I know) is unpleasant, shocking, unexpected, uncontrollable and takes us back to the beginnings of our journeys, but it reminds us that we are human too.

    • i love the way you’ve articulated that! thankyou.

      triggers are around us (those with ptsd) all day every day. if we’re trying to avoid them, isn’t that the entire essence of avoidance behaviour .. isn’t that how we end up shrinking away from everything and everything?
      annnnnnd .. ive had peeps ask for trigger warnings on everything from stub toes to suicide. and while i get it .. the reality is .. there were no trigger warnings on the george floyd murder, yet people consumed that bitch like it was a new release .. it seems like we’re more interested in discomfort not being a thing rather than dealing with reality for what it is.

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