mental health professionals love quoting animal euphemisms when recommending we adopt certain ‘healthy’ behaviours, like vulnerability. Since I know virtually nothing about animals, my question is : what 5 animals willing make themselves vulnerable to a predator or an environment, in order to learn a valuable lesson.

rhetorical question.


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  1. Rhetorical or not, I feel moved to answer; animals only make themselves vulnerable for advanatge or survival (eg: a dog will bare it’s throat to a more dominant dog or it’s belly to a human). In nature, a predator never refuses the meal because it’s too easy to get. I don’t think most psychologists have time or inclination to live in nature.

    • ahhhh thankyou!!!
      that makes perfect sense.
      so in my instance, i did both of those things .. which actually ensured my survival, long term.
      i was trying point this out .. & was told that its no way to live, which i get, what they didnt get, was just this .. that their theory isn’t practical & actually, in nature, doesnt make sense.

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