did i tell yah ..

i visited the last place & time, i had to see fuck face?

endure its presence?

also the last place & time i had the experience of a man that loved me for my entire life. my grandfather ..
& a woman who gave me more than i ever appreciated or realised until she was gone. my grandmother.
i felt Feel it.
i Remember. Remembered it.
i Appreciate. Appreciated it.
i got to write how I wanted to experience this.


2 thoughts on “did i tell yah ..

    • thankyou x
      it was weird. good but weird.
      i was more nervous prior to going. part of that was the trip there & i havent travelled that far in a loooooong ass time lol. & nervous or anxious as i remembered certain things i thought id forgotten x
      but i paced it out, stayed somewhere nice and neutral .. & caught up with a friend who was a bit of saviour during those times .. she was a safe place to be xx
      finished off with a fully clothed leap into the ocean LOL .. hugely cleansing ;)
      i feel like ill be able to go back when i want without that overwhelming feeling going with me now x

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