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“i remember being frozen in that corner, crying & couldn’t articulate what i felt, just the feeling of ‘Not wanting to be right here. right now.’
but y’all still let him in.”
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“April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Yeah it’s some fucked shit that this is even a thing. But it is.
So theres a link in my bio, for you to donate to Sensible Sentencing Trust NZ, or Google something similar in your country. The kids being fucked over would thank y’all, if they weren’t so busy with being fucked over.”

4 thoughts on “.. . . ..7

  1. I like this piece!! How trauma bleeds through the whitewash, every time. It is always there under the surface, waiting to come out and leave a dark, dirty stain. Then a new layer of whitewash is applied; drugs, alcohol, self harm, therapy, over work, isolation, whatever, but the stain is still there, waiting.

    • You get it!! Mannnn , you know how many times I’ve tried to explain these pieces .. lawdy lawd I’d given up!!!!! That’s exactly it .. and relates intersectionaly for me .. so tiring .. but so real . . Just layers upon layers xx

      These pieces have just gone up to a retrospective exhibition in tauranga opening on the 17th I think xx it’s the only set I kept from 2018 exhibit, wasn’t quite ready to let go of them yet xxxx

      Thankyou 🙏🏾

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